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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

react native dropdown example  react native picker dropdown example react native dropdown menu example

The react native dropdown provide a popup to select a particular value from a list. In this tutorial we will use the dropdown  library to add this feature. Download Source code from below.


Step 1-> To create your project run this command:
sudo npm install -g react-native-cli
Step 2-> 
Now initialise your project name. Replace your project name with MovingScreen:
react-native init MovingScreen
Step 3->
Install DropDown library in your project:
npm install --save react-native-material-dropdown
Step 4->
Link this library with your native project
react-native link react-native-material-dropdown
Now you can start work on your React native project 

import React, {Component} from 'react' import {View,Text, StyleSheet, StatusBar} from 'react-native' import {Dropdown} from 'react-native-material-dropdown'
export default class HomeScreen extends Component{ onChangeText = this.onChangeText.bind(this);
onChangeText(text){ this.setState({ selected:text, }) } render(){
return( <View style={styles.container}> <StatusBar backgroundColor='#FF7043'></StatusBar> <View style={styles.containerHeader}> <Text style={styles.headerTxt}>HomeScreen</Text> </View> <View style={styles.mainContainer}> <Dropdown data={data} baseColor='#FF5722' itemColor='grey' selectedItemColor='#FF5722' containerStyle={styles.dropdownStyle} pickerStyle={styles.dropdownPicker} valueExtractor={({value})=> value} onChangeText={this.onChangeText} rippleCentered={true} rippleInsets={{ top: 4, bottom: 4 }} label= "Select Country" ></Dropdown> </View> </View>
) } }
const styles = StyleSheet.create({ container:{ flex:1 },
containerHeader:{ height:40, width:'100%', alignItems:'center', justifyContent:'center', backgroundColor:'#FF5722' },
headerTxt:{ color:'white', },
mainContainer:{ alignItems:'center', width:'100%', height:'100%', backgroundColor:'white', justifyContent:'center' },
dropdownContainer:{ width:200, borderColor:'green',
dropdownStyle:{ width:200, borderColor:'green', margin: 0, padding: 0, },
dropdownPicker:{ backgroundColor:'#EAEAEA', width:200, height:200, margin: 0, padding: 0, },
const data =[ {value:'Afghanistan'}, {value:'Albania'}, {value:'Algeria'}, {value:'Australia'}, {value:'Bangladesh'}, {value:'Brazil'}, {value:'Canada'}, {value:'Cuba'}, {value:'Denmark'}, {value:'France'}, {value:'India'}, ]

Download source code from here